Test equipment

Self-developed test processes

Screws and connecting elements that we produce for our customers are as individual as are their requirements for practical application. A screw used in a braking system of one vehicle type is not identical with screws used in the braking systems of other vehicle types. They not only differ in design but also in the technical requirements and parameters that they have to meet.

Standardized tests to verify compliance with our customers’ individual specifications do not exist. Although certain tests and inspection procedures are industry standards, our customers often require testing of a variety of special features and characteristics. For this reason we started to independently develop test equipment and procedures that are capable of meeting our customers’ specific test requirements.

We also designed and developed numerous machines for our series-accompanying camera inspection. Through direct integration of the camera inspection into the production lines, we were able to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Our experience with the engineering of production equipment as well as our competence in the area of additive manufacturing is a valuable advantage for the development of such machines and equipment.

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