Engineering competence: in-house

One of our core competencies, besides the production of fasteners, is the development and optimization of our own production equipment. In the past, we adapted many of our machines that were purchased from external dealers to meet our ever-evolving requirements. We have gained valuable knowledge during such retrofitting and redesigning projects. Our expertise in tool production was a great advantage for us. This experience confirmed us in our idea to manufacture parts of our inspection equipment ourselves.

The advantage is obvious: the production of our fasteners demands complex and continuously modifiable equipment technology to satisfy new production requirements. ‘Off the shelf’ solutions do not meet that objective. Although engineers are capable of producing equipment exactly to our specifications, nobody knows our requirements better than us. Quick internal communication helps us to identify potential problems already during the development phase. With this approach we could produce numerous machines independently.

Examples of our innovations /

Production equipment

  • Pre draw machine

    Pre draw machine

  • Joining machine

    Joining machine

  • Conveying equipment

    Conveying equipment