High reliability for a long life time

In plant construction, especially in the area of conveyance of liquids or gasses, equipment components such as pumps, fittings, or valves are often exposed to corrosion. Fasteners installed in Product overview / industrial plant constructionsuch applications must therefore be highly corrosion resistant. Even stainless steel screws may be affected, for example due to stress or vibration cracking or due to contact corrosion.

We therefore produce special screws and fasteners for plant construction that minimize the risk of corrosion partly because of their physical flexibility and technical characteristics. This includes spindles for chlorine valves, selector shafts for ball valves, injector needles for sealing and control, as well as head screws with unusual designs.

Threaded fittings, used in large numbers - for instance for submerged pumps with flange connections between pump and motor - round off our portfolio of fasteners for plant construction.

Parts design and material selection, for example, can reduce mechanical stress which could ultimately lead to corrosion-like effects even on stainless steels. Special alloys such as nickel- copper alloys can offer additional protection from corrosive influences.

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