Many paths to sustainable growth

We are known by our global customer base as an experienced and reliable specialist for screws and connecting elements manufactured in massive forming processes. Our customers do not only appreciate the outstanding quality of our products and our great cost to benefit ratio. Our development competence in particular often makes us a valued partner for many companies.

We present our customers with individual product solutions, tailored exactly to their specific requirements. We do not only pay attention to the products but to the entire manufacturing process. Therefore, we are in a position to optimize the entire manufacturing process to always offer high value solutions that are economical at the same time.

For this reason, we are always expanding our activities in the areas of additive manufacturing and design plus the development of our own production and test equipment. This enables us to offer our customers not only a product but the entire sequence of services, from rapid prototyping to product testing, according to individual specifications.

Because we bundle all of our development, manufacturing and inspection at our headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, we can react flexibly to customer requests and can guarantee the highest delivery performance. Annual and framework contracts enable us to realize short material and tooling lead times so we can guarantee high quality with on-time deliveries.

Our commitment to continuously broaden our competence and to strategically grow our business areas means that we will remain flexible, economical, and efficient in the future.