Proven quality – down to the details

The quality assurance of our products plays an integral part as a cornerstone of our quality management.

Therefore, through the utilization of self-developed inspection processes and equipment as well as standardized testing according to various standards, we ensure that our products leave our company consistent with our customers’ expectations as well as our own.

In the process, we conduct numerous quality checks on our special screws and connecting elements. This begins with quality testing of prototypes for suitability for series production, includes direct controls during the production process and sample testing during the final inspection.

Our production equipment and our internal quality lab have various measurement and test equipment at their disposal which are required to ensure a consistent high quality standard.

We ourselves developed some of the measurement and test equipment. Among others, we rely on the following processes and methods for quality assurance:

  • Camera inspection

    Camera inspection

  • Optical comparator

    Optical comparator

  • Sample testing

    Sample testing

  • Hardness testing

    Hardness testing

  • Ultra sound testing

    Ultra sound testing

  • Dye penetration testing

    Dye penetration testing

  • Tensile testing

    Tensile testing

  • Determination of tension force

    Determination of tension force