Flexible and efficient: Our production

Effectiveness and efficiency are principles in KOLBÔÇÖs production. The project specific determination and combination of appropriate manufacturing processes are a prerequisite for a cost- optimized production and process stability while meeting the highest quality requirements. The meaningful linking of all process steps minimizes work in processes and prevents mixing of products. In addition we can guarantee short processing times and the best possible efficiency.

We emphasize on flexibility in our production by applying diverse processes and technologies. The core competencies in our production consist of various forming processes as well as subtractive manufacturing processes such as machining, milling, and grinding.

Our production equipment also increasingly originates from in-house production equipment construction or is continuously adapted to our requirements. This way we can quickly realize nearly all shapes and dimensions of our special screws and connecting elements as well as special designs. There are neither minimum nor maximum order quantity limits.

Additionally, additive manufacturing technology offers time- and cost savings in the production of product and design samples as well as prototypes.

At KOLB we primarily use the following manufacturing processes:

  • Cold forging

    Cold forging

  • Hot forging

    Hot forging

  • Thread rolling

    Thread rolling

  • Grinding and polishing

    Grinding and polishing

  • Joining


  • Additive manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing