Our special screws: green and efficient

In our production we have a high usage of grease and lubricating agents as well as high energy requirements. For this reason we have worked for many years toward the modification and improvement of our production equipment in order to minimize the usage of these production materials and energy.

Because of our in-house competence in the area of production equipment design we continuously achieve better results.

We also operate cleaning and filtration equipment for liquids used during production. These operate fully CFC free. All water soluble detergents are used in closed systems resulting in a wastewater free production process. With this we make a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment and resources.

Part of our environmental policy is to develop new processes and solutions for our products. To this end we always work in our design and development department on new approaches for lightweight designs. Weight reductions are always an important aspect of increased fuel efficiency in automotive design.

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Environmental Management