Design and

Individual development, series efficiency

Our customers rightfully expect innovative solutions for consistently new challenges in their industries. Based on customer project ideas and requirements, we develop project designs under consideration of the entire value-creation chain. From a cost perspective, the manufacturing process is as important as the thorough development of the product itself.

We conduct feasibility studies for new products already during the quotation phase to ensure the economic efficiency of the production from the beginning. In so doing, we simulate multistage forging processes utilizing the Finite-Element-Method. The material flow for the product is analyzed under consideration of various parameters. Under assumption of previously determined parameters we also analyze the product under development and give recommendations for the product design.

We utilize state- of- the- art CAD systems for the actual design and development of the product. Afterwards, we can produce the first geometrically compliant product samples by use of additive manufacturing prior to ordering prototypes.

The design of forming tools is done internally and is part of our technical expertise, saving the customer time and money. We utilize state of the art coatings, quick change systems, carbide reinforcements, and ceramics.

If required Kolb provides screw calculations according to VDI 2230 supported by the Finite-Element-Method.