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We evolved in the last years from a manufacturer of specialty screws to a specialist for everything relating to screws. Our focus is still the production of special and customized connecting elements. Additionally, we now develop and design many parts of our production and test equipment in-house. Therefore, we can act quickly and competitively in the market and offer our customers inspection technology that precisely meets their frequently very specific test requirements.

  • Special Screws

    Special screws for diverse applications and in all imaginable geometries are our core competency.
    Using massive forming processes we develop and manufacture screws, bolts, connecting and spacing elements for our customers tailored to precisely meet their specific requirements.

  • Production Equipment Construction

    In order to improve the efficiency of our production processes we started, in addition to producing screws, to also develop and build the necessary production equipment ourselves, respectively to improve existing equipment. Learn how you, as a customer, can profit from this.

  • Test Equipment Construction

    Outside of conventional test technologies, our customers often have specific test requirements for which there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions. In such scenarios, we develop equipment specifically designed to meet your requirements. For example, to test the application specific exposure of our special screws.

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Today, geometrically compliant prototypes can be produced within hours rather than in days because of rapid prototyping. This quick form of manufacturing shortens decision-making processes and reduces development efforts significantly.